Harry Potter and the philosophers Stone by J.K.Rowling

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I loved this book because it was really exciting. It has a lot of secrets in it that are not in the film! You really must read the book to really understand¬† Harry potter! It’s a book I found impossible to put down.

Harry potter lived with his aunt and uncle because his parents were killed. His aunt and uncle are horrid and make him live in a cupboard under the stairs. One day harry started getting lots of strange letters delivered by owls and not just through the letter box!,they made his uncle very cross and shouty, he was so upset with them that they left the house to live on an island in the ocean. This is when everything is revealed to harry, Hagrid comes crashing in to tell harry his past and what he has to look forward too. He’s a wizard!! He gets to go to a wizard school called Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry . There he meets hermione and ron . he ends up on a wild adventure saving the world from voldermort by rescuing the philosopher’s stone facing lots of danger himself.

This book was brilliant it has loads of twists and turns in it and it only took me two days to read it ūüėÄ


ISBN 9780747532743




Georges Marvellous Medicine

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This book is a funny read

It’s about a boy who’s called George,¬† his Nan has come to look after him, but she isn’t nice and is getting on his nerves, ordering him around and telling him to stop growing. she’s generally stroppy and horrible¬† and needs a taste of her own medicine and maybe make her nicer.¬† George made 4 types of experimental ‘medicine’ He put shoe polish¬† and other¬† horrible things¬† including a treatment for bullocks, which made me laugh because I thought it said “b*ll*cks”¬† I told mum and she said “NOOOOOO! its bullocks!” oh dear…

George mixed all those horrible things up and tricked his Nan to drink medicine 1 thinking it was her medicine she was taking. eeeeeeuuuwwwwwwww

A few seconds after consumption she shot through the roof,¬† literally! Because she’d grown massive in size (his dad wanted some more to grow humongous livestock for auction but George couldn’t make it again) George then gave her another concoction of ‘medicine’ which she thought was a cup of tea. This time she¬† got smaller and smaller and finally disappeared!

It was such a funny book I couldn’t put it down and it really did make me laugh out loud. The characters really came alive. It was an easy read ūüôā

I would recommend it. H

ISBN 9780141322735


books! books! books!

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Books!! I love them I am 12 and read around 9 book’s a month.¬† I¬† like to read when I get home from school and in my spare time.

The books I like¬† best are fantasy/magic/mystery. Stuff¬† like harry potter and war of the worlds. I like¬† fighting fantasy game books¬† as well because it’s a different book every time you read it!

I like all Roald Dahl books because they are silly! My favourite is Georges Marvellous Medicine, I wish my Nan would get smaller and smaller then ‘POOF‘ disappear completely!

mum has made a book chart this year¬† to help with my new years resolution! Which is to read ten books a month, and for a reward,¬† mum buys me 5 new books! I think Waterstones on ‘twitter’ are helping her choose me some new books I’ll like. Mum is letting me do this blog so I can write about what I’ve read.